District Developments: June 2018

The Newsletter of The Eastern District Moravian Church June 2018
David E. Bennett, President

Ministry Plans Grow At Leadership Summit

This last month an Eastern District Leadership Summit took place at Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, PA. This event offered the newly established Eastern District Service Ministry Teams an opportunity to meet face-to-face and finalize their initiatives for the coming year. Meeting together with the Eastern District Executive Board were the Church in Society Mission Team, the Stewardship of Life Ministry Team, and the Spiritual Formation Ministry Team. We are grateful for the many hours of work and inspiration which went into their planning and which will benefit all of our district congregations. Below are some interesting and valuable congregational resources which will be coming soon!

Church in Society Ministry Team: The team has engaged “Art for Justice,” a not-for-profit organization which exhibits paintings from inmates serving long-term and life sentences for education and advocacy purposes, for an exhibit in the Lehigh Valley in a local gallery from March 1 – April 9, 2019. Several worship, education and service opportunities to accompany the exhibit are planned. Other areas of the district will be offered the information to engage “Art for Justice” for an exhibit in their local area. A video series on refugee resettlement is in the initial planning stage, utilizing the extensive experience in resettlement ministry by Central Moravian Church and their ecumenical partners. Finally, the team is previewing a “Curriculum on Citizenship” being developed through the Pennsylvania Council of Churches.  The curriculum includes a six-session study guide which provides government history resources, strategies for being effective citizens, and education on the branches of our government and their roles.

Stewardship of Life Ministry Team: Focusing on the congregational resource of “asset mapping,” the ministry team seeks to be trained in this important area of mission development so that they can then become the trainers of others in the local congregational setting. This effort will be centered on the work of Luther Snow and his leadership in congregational revitalization and mission development.

Spiritual Formation Ministry Team: Working toward the coordination of regional workshops in 2019, this ministry team seeks to advance two very important commissions from the 2016 Eastern District Synod.

* “Be the Church” – This workshop seeks to build upon the “hands on” mission experiences of the 2016 Eastern District Synod. Offering congregations planning strategies and direction for offering their own “Be the Church” Sundays, this workshop will guide congregations in actual hands-on mission service. Additionally, Be the Church efforts can ignite the passions of lay leadership and possibly lead to the opportunity for congregations to identify new leaders (Notice), affirm their gifts in leadership (Name), and help further equip them for future leadership (Nurture).

* “Equipping the Saints”– This workshop will seek to equip church leaders (current and former) with a better awareness of their “calling” and to inspire them to serve as God calls – whether that be as lay or pastoral leaders. This resource will provide corrective framing of leadership based upon biblical and historic perspectives. Workshop participants will receive a program packet for re-use in their own congregation.

The EDEB extends its deep gratitude to the lay and pastoral leaders who are involved in the work of these District Service Ministry Teams. Their work is extensive and valuable and guides the entire district in living out those sacred words, “To Us, To Us, This Task is Given!”

Fifty Goats for Cuba

Support our Eastern District Youth and Young Adults Mission Development as we assist with rebuilding the sustainable goat farm owned and operated by The Moravian Church in Camaguey, Cuba. The cost of one goat…$20.00.

The Moravian Church in Cuba started to build Camaguey’s goat farm three years ago. The main purpose of the farm was to become self-sustaining and eventually using a portion of the profits to support the growing ministries of The Moravian Church in Cuba. This fall, the farm was hit by hurricane Maria. While the buildings and land sustained minimal damage, many of the livestock was lost, specifically goats.

Our goal is to raise enough funding to purchase 50 goats and thereby restore the farm to sustainability. Help us reach our goal by donating today, make it a Sunday school, youth, young adult or other mission project. Instead of going to the movies, stay at home one night and donate the money you would use to see the movie to buy a goat.

In developing countries, goats can change everything, they provide happiness. Their milk is a source of great protein to help children grow. A healthy dairy goat can give up to 16 cups of milk a day. Goat’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk and is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients that growing children need. Goats are practical animals — flourishing in harsh climates while producing valuable manure to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens. In this case the local Moravian Church can share milk produced and sell any extra to earn money for ministry and church growth.

Your gift will help The Moravian Church in Camaguey, Cuba to change their corner of the world, smiles will widen and happiness will be shared.

Send your Donaaaaations to:

1021 Center Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Donations accepted: June 1st – August 1st

Mark Donation: Goats Camaguey

Board of World Mission of the Moravian Church, North America

Did you know…that Moravians in our Peru Mission Area are exploring their own “mission area?” BWM’s Justin Rabbach and Sam Gray were invited to join pastors Christopher Valencia and Manuel Verástegui on a trip into the Amazon Region. Getting there involved airplanes, taxis, trucks, 4×4’s, vans, buses, motorcycle taxis, a canoe, and walking shoes, but the journey was well worth it!

The team met with about 25 pastors and community leaders, representatives of the Aguaruna Evangelical Association (and dozens of children!) in the beautiful Amazon village of Bajo Canampa. With the help of an Aguaruna interpreter, they conducted workshops, took part in 4 worship services (Justin and Sam got to preach), baptized 15 people, and shared fellowship. An invitation was presented to begin mission outreach and partnerships in a dozen villages in the region. Justin and Sam met with the Peru Board to discuss “next steps.” Please keep this wonderful mission opportunity in your prayers as we seek God’s guidance going forward.

Schedule of Events

June 21-25 – Moravian Church Northern Province Synod – Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA.
July 11, 2018 – Unity Brass Choir will be performing a concert on July 11 at 7 pm at United Moravian Church, 200 East 127th Street New York City. Free offering will be accepted. For information call the church at 212-722-2109.
July 19 – 22, 2018 – Moravian Unity Brass Festival, Winston Salem, NC. For information and registration:

Moravian Camp Dates for 2018

Pre-Primary Conference: June 17 – 20
Camp Dean: Shannon Swingle

Middler Conference: July 1-7
Camp Deans: Rt. Rev. Blair Couch
Rev. Sayward Lippincott

Senior High Conference: July 8 – 14
Camp Deans: Steve Kish
Chelsey Mancuso

Swim Camp: July 15 – 21
Camp Dean: TBD Musical

Theater Camp: July 15 – 21
Camp Dean: Sarah Hriniak

Jr. High Conference: July 22 – July 28
Camp Deans: Rev. Jodie Harney,
Kasey Thomas

Primary Conference: July 29 – August 4
Camp Deans: Rev. Tammie Rinker
Rev. Bevon White

Fishing Camp: July 29 – August 4
Camp Dean: Bob Wingrove

Moravian Ministries Foundation

What You Don’t Know Can’t Help You! By Vince Holbrook

The Moravian Ministries Foundation in America has been around for 20 years. And in the context of the Moravian Church, that makes us a relative newcomer. Our work is behind the scenes and private by nature. We help Moravian individuals, churches, and agencies grow and sustain the ministries that are central to our faith. We do this through investment management, gift planning, and stewardship development. So, it’s understandable that many good Moravians do not really know who we are and what we do.

Please allow us to share with you this short video that we hope helps explain the tools and support we offer you as an individual and your Moravian congregation.

Please feel free to share this information with your church trustees, clergy, and individuals who may benefit from these services.

New From IBOC!

The IBOC is introducing two new items at the Northern Province Synod, June 21-25! First is Bishop Kay Ward’s latest book, Park Benches. In her fourth book with the IBOC, Kay shares her abundant love of life through thoughtful, poignant and often funny stories, essays and poems. Park Benches will be on sale for a special price at the IBOC display at Synod, and we will be scheduling book-signing opportunities throughout the weekend. You can also purchase Park Benches and her other titles at

Second is our new T-shirt, designed especially for the Northern Province. This high quality, 100% cotton T-shirt comes in a beautiful, royal-blue color with a brilliant red and white, silk-screened design: “Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice” over a big red heart! The back lists all the U.S. Northern Province Moravian congregations, emerging ministries and fellowships. Available in sizes S to 2XL, these uniquely Moravian shirts will be available at introductory prices at Synod, then online or at the Moravian Church Center beginning June 26.

For more on these and other great items and to learn more about the work of the IBOC, stop by the IBOC display at Synod, visit, or call Jill at 1(800)732-0591, ext. 38.

June Anniversaries

3 The Rev. & Mrs. Robert Engelbrecht

10 The Rev. & Mrs. R. Burke Johnson

11 The Rev. & Mrs. Michael Foran

15 The Rev. & Mrs. Otto Dreydoppel, Jr.
Mr. Daniel & Rev. Diane Joseph

17 The Rev. Andy Meckstroth & The Rev. Dr. Lynette Delbridge
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Westbrook

19 The Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Douglas Kleintop

22 The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Willard Harstine
The Rev. & Mrs. David Bennett
Mr. Frank & the Rev. Melissa Johnson

26 The Rev. & Mrs. Terry Folk

27 The Rev. & Mrs. Dean Easton

29 The Rev. & Mrs. David Henkelmann

30 The Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Chris Giesler

Churches celebrating June anniversaries

9 – 1957 – East Hills, Bethlehem, PA
11 -1857 – Fry’s Valley, New Philadelphia, OH
12 -1955 – Battle Hill, Union, NJ
25 -1742 – Central, Bethlehem, PA 1747 – Nazareth, PA
26- 1988 – Fellowship, Brooklyn, NY