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July 19 – 22, 2018 – Moravian Unity Brass Festival, Winston Salem, NC. For information and registration:

Fifty Goats for Cuba

Support our Eastern District Youth and Young Adults Mission Development as we assist with rebuilding the sustainable goat farm owned and operated by The Moravian Church in Camaguey, Cuba. The cost of one goat…$20.00.

The Moravian Church in Cuba started to build Camaguey’s goat farm three years ago. The main purpose of the farm was to become self-sustaining and eventually using a portion of the profits to support the growing ministries of The Moravian Church in Cuba. This fall, the farm was hit by hurricane Maria. While the buildings and land sustained minimal damage, many of the livestock was lost, specifically goats.

Our goal is to raise enough funding to purchase 50 goats and thereby restore the farm to sustainability. Help us reach our goal by donating today, make it a Sunday school, youth, young adult or other mission project. Instead of going to the movies, stay at home one night and donate the money you would use to see the movie to buy a goat.

In developing countries, goats can change everything, they provide happiness. Their milk is a source of great protein to help children grow. A healthy dairy goat can give up to 16 cups of milk a day. Goat’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk and is an excellent source of calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients that growing children need. Goats are practical animals — flourishing in harsh climates while producing valuable manure to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens. In this case the local Moravian Church can share milk produced and sell any extra to earn money for ministry and church growth.

Your gift will help The Moravian Church in Camaguey, Cuba to change their corner of the world, smiles will widen and happiness will be shared.

Send your Donaaaaations to:

1021 Center Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Donations accepted: June 1st – August 1st

Mark Donation: Goats Camaguey

Board of World Mission of the Moravian Church, North America

As a representative for the Board of World Mission Aaron Van Der Linden was on site to guide and coordinate efforts to rebuild the Port Arthur, Texas community, which was inundated by Hurricane Harvey last year. Much has been accomplished, however, much rebuilding remains to be completed in and around Port Arthur. Currently, David Miller and Mark Sebek, both of the Unity of the Brethren, are coordinating the incoming teams. Teams are received in Port Arthur where accommodations for approximately 15-20 people are available. Accommodations include lodging and meals. The local folks want to put their lives back in order. Some may need help doing just that. Do you or a group have some time to help them out with their needs? If so, please contact the BWM through Jill Kolodziej, the Director of Antioch. Jill can be contacted via email at: [email protected] or by phone at 920.256.9472.

Board of World Mission of the Moravian Church, North America

Did you know… that Disaster Relief Efforts by Moravians, Methodists, and Richard Petty Motor Sports and Roush-Fenway Racing have created a “Ground Effect” in Lumberton, NC? Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 left thousands homeless and 31 killed. Participants with this collaborative effort made 28 trips to Lumberton over a 14-month period. Initially, they set to work mucking houses, piling belongings and discarded rubble on the curbs. Although a few people were lost, thousands have been saved and many have moved back into their homes. There is at least 3 years of work left since initially 660 roads and 26,000 homes were washed out. If you and/or people in your congregation are interested in helping with this relief effort, go to the Board of World Mission website and complete the contact information under the Connect Section. You may also contact Jill Kolodziej for more information at [email protected].