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Welcoming Light

sunset with tree in the foreground in the winter dark blue sky with a bit of yellow on the horizon


My part time job involves local travel in the surrounding areas of Winston-Salem. Many times I will stop in a church parking lot and catch up on paperwork and then get a little walk in around the cemetery. Sometimes a Diet Dr. Pepper and a pack of nabs will be enjoyed on the church steps. I feel welcome no matter the denomination. I am not bringing anything to these places of worship but they are providing a temporary haven for me.

Once in a while, a church parking lot will be roped off and this makes me sad as I feel unwelcome. One Wednesday evening, I was driving back from Surry County. It was a night which has traditionally been when many houses of Worship will hold midweek activities and prayer services. Many of the Lord’s homes were dark and empty. We can blame COVID-19 but in truth, many have fallen away from the peace of Salvation that can only come from Jesus Christ. We see this lack of peace in our city. Social policy, poverty, and bias can all be mentioned as causes but in truth it is because of the lack of Jesus Christ’s light in lives. People have roped their hearts off to the truth of the Gospel.

Sunset in Surry County. Photo courtesy of Jo Beth Boyles.

As I was making my journey home this dark night, a little glow appeared. As I rounded the curve, a little white-framed House of God came into view. The lights were on and streaming through stained glass windows! What a beautiful sight!
Share the light, spread the joy!
The Peace that only the light of Jesus Christ can give us can be a welcoming invitation for others to come into the family of Christ Jesus as believers.
The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.”  -Matthew 6:22

About the author

Jo Beth Boyles. Photo provided by the author.

Jo Beth Boyles has a great appreciation for history and genealogy. She serves the Lord by playing the flute at Bethabara Moravian Church. Her husband, Robby, sings in the choir and she has two grown children, Katie and Robert.

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