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Our Eternal Home


I have been back at my old career path for over a year.  The technology has changed but the principles are the same. A life lesson can be reflected as Our God is unchanging but the ways we worship are not the same as our ancestors.

As a child at Old Town school my first homework assignment was to learn my address. Our homes are where we should be welcome, safe and loved.  It is a refuge in times of storms.

Forty years ago when I asked a customer to provide an address it was instantaneous.  In changing an address the person had that information and would soon commit to memory.  With our mobile society, email and e-statements many adults can not provide their addresses by memory. This astounds me.  Home maybe a one room apartment or a 7 bedroom house but it is a home. We should at least acknowledge our blessing of shelter by knowing the address.  As a retired EMT in my community this information can be the difference of life and death as our cell phones do not always provide an address to emergency services.  Once on a call the correct house number was provided but the wrong road.  What could have been two minutes to provide help was more than fifteen.  Things on that call turned out fine, however when we as Christians are on the wrong path or lead others down the wrong road time is wasted that could have been spent in the peace provided by walking the path following Christ.

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Society has lost its way, truly it always has been lost.  The church has taken wrong roads and detours and wasted precious time in serving our Lord.

God’s word is our road map.  Jesus says I am the WAY, the truth and the life.  Each of us who claim Christ needs to study God’s word more.  We speak much about love these days and loving our neighbor is a command from Christ our Savior.

In our churches there is another motto as well, Our Lamb has conquered let us follow Him.

When we do not know the way, follow Jesus.  He came to seek the lost.  In truth we should not be leaders but followers and focus on the joy and promise of eternal life.

I am Jesus’ little lamb and he makes  my heart rejoice.

About the Author

Photo courtesy of Jo Beth Boyles.

Jo Beth Boyles has a great appreciation for history and genealogy. She serves the Lord by playing the flute at Bethabara Moravian Church. Her husband, Robby, sings in the choir and she has two grown children, Katie and Robert. The picture above is of Jo Beth from the 1970s at Historic Bethabara.

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