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Are You a Caregiver? Help is Here

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We are all aging every day, and if we are lucky, we will live longer than our grandparents did. Health care in this country is amazing, and many people are living until a ripe old age, which can be a blessing, but also, a challenge. One effect of this progress is that more and more of us are encountering physical limitations and even cognitive problems.

Many of us have parents who are still commitment to independent living even as they struggle with health concerns and diminishing mobility. It can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate the health care system, determine the best or most cost-effective resources, and ensure that your parents are enjoying the quality of life they so deserve.

Over the past few years, I found myself in this position – overwhelmed by the needs and challenges of my parents. I particularly needed reliable information. That’s when I found ACAP (which stands for Adult Children of Aging Parents). I attended their convenient, informative meetings and have learned much about the joys and challenges of caregiving and aging gracefully with support. ACAP has proven to be a lifesaver to me in many ways.

Younger adult caring for elderly.

Many middle age children have found themselves caring for their elderly parents. | Photo from Pexels

An ACAP Chapter is now operating in the Winston-Salem area. ACAP Winston-Salem will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, September 18 from 5:30pm until 7:00pm at Knollwood Baptist Church, 330 Knollwood Street in Winston-Salem. Meetings will be held the third Tuesday of every month at this location. The first meeting will deal with community resources available to assist with whatever needs you may have regarding the care of your aging parents. You will be able to ask questions, meet community representatives and the ACAP leadership team.

Register for the meeting by emailing your name to [email protected] More information about ACAP is available at ACAPcommunity.org.

If this is a need that you have, please join us. If you forget to register, please come anyway. All programs are free and are intended to assist the members of our community.

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