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From its distinctive beginnings as a Christian community, Moravians have emphasized the living Christ, who is present with us daily to guide, shape, strengthen, and bless us. Christ is faithful to us and Christ invites and enables our faithfulness to one another in the life we build together as a family from day to day.


By subscribing to this weekly email, we invite your family into an intentional way of life together that shapes, guides, and nurtures your love for each other and your love for Christ.

Loving Hearts United is a family devotional guide that enables your family to:

  • Spend time together;
  • Learn new ways to communicate and connect with each other;
  • Focus on the unique gifts and faith practices of the Moravian Church; and
  • Claim and celebrate the guiding presence of Christ whose light shines forth in the world through our love for one another.


Loving Hearts United centers on six times during your day that allows for spiritual growth as a family. Your weekly email from Loving Hearts United will feature one of these day parts, which are:

  • Greeting the Day
  • Mealtime
  • Gathering
  • Serving
  • On the Road
  • Closing the Day


Loving Hearts United is a guide for family living based on the reality that in Christ we have a Guide who makes all things possible. As you begin, tailor activities and options to meet your own unique family needs and opportunities. Even if some weeks are filled with challenges and difficulties, let grace prevail as you move ahead. Be kind to one another. Claim the spiritual growth and encouragement that comes when we work to stay connected as a family throughout the day and week. Strive faithfully to create new family rituals of togetherness, acceptance, and the sharing of God’s blessings.

The weekly email gives you creative ideas for spiritual growth, but the entire book provides much more material. If you’d like to buy the book, visit

Enjoy your journey together!

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